Relations between the Parties – Scope

Logging in to the websites published by VRDL360, specifically at the address (hereinafter the "Site") and the use thereof, shall be deemed to be unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use binding the web user and VRDL360.COM, a property of Shanghai Huanmou Information Technology Co., Ltd., with registered office at 26 Qiuyue Rd., Building 1, Room 711, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201210, China. (hereinafter "VRDL360" or "We/Us").

The Terms of Use are a subset of the General Conditions for Using VRDL360's Services available on the VRDL360 website at the following address: With respect to their purpose, they take precedence over any other document in the General Conditions for Using VRDL360's Services.

Any natural or legal person logging in to and browsing the Site (hereinafter "the Web User"or "You") recognises and guarantees:
If you have the slightest reservation or objection regarding the Terms of Use (hereinafter "Conditions"), we must interpret such reservation or objection as refusal to agree to the present Conditions. You must then leave the Site and stop using it and browsing on it.

Amendments to the Terms of Use

We hereby inform you that we reserve the right to amend at any time all or part of the present Conditions without any prior notice other than placing the new Conditions online.

Any new Terms of Use shall replace the previous Conditions in full. However, any amendment to the Terms of Use will require your agreement. We hereby deem that you agree to terminate with immediate effect the former Conditions and accept the new Conditions and to comply with the terms for accepting the new Conditions.

Without prejudice to the above provisions, we recommend that you frequently consult the General Conditions for Using VRDL360's Services and save them on a durable medium.


The present Terms of Use apply when you log in to and use the Site.

The use of the various functionalities of the Site can result in your being subject to multiple contractual Conditions depending on the functionalities you use, specifically:

User login and Use of the Site

In logging in to and using the Site, you may become aware of and use all the functionalities and data made available to you by VRDL360 or third parties authorised by VRDL360 under normal conditions of use. However, we reserve the right to modify all or part of the Site at any time.

In using the Site, you shall refrain from:

Login and Connection

Before accessing certain Site functionalities, you may be requested to log in ahead of time via a personal account in your own name.

We request that you perform a sequence of steps needed to prevent third parties from accessing your account. You must check that your password is sufficiently secure (comprising a sufficient number of characters, upper and lower case characters, a variety of alphanumeric characters, etc.) and log out of your session when you exit the Site. You alone are responsible for access to your account and /or for any other resource made available so you can log in to the Site. We remind you that access to your account can enable access to personal data.

Any login to your account by a third party with your consent is effected at your sole discretion. We may not be held responsible in the event personal data is divulged to one or more third parties owing to any express or implicit authorisation you have assigned to said third party. Exiting the Site without logging out shall be deemed to be implicit authorisation.

To facilitate electronic communication, we remind you that logging in may be automated via the use of cookies.

Intellectual property pertaining the Site

By logging in to and using the Site, you are granted by VRDL360 or any third party designated for that purpose a personal license which is non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sub-licensable and non-exclusive, limited to a usage compliant with the present Conditions, limited to the country where you are physically logging in and for the duration strictly needed for your use of the Site, enabling you to log in to and download in your browser all or part of the Site in order to browse the Site and to use all the functionalities made available to the online public by VRDL360 or third parties authorised by VRDL360.

The Site comprises a combination of texts, interfaces, photographs, graphics, images, navigation resources, trade marks, trade names, service marks, logotypes, drawings and models, musical works, computer codes, software, fonts and any other element marked by intellectual property rights which we hold or which were licensed to us by third parties in order to incorporate them directly or indirectly on and/or in the Site (hereinafter the "Components").

You are hereby informed that the present license does not give you any right allowing you to undertake any reverse engineering, extraction, code decompilation, improvement, modification, commercialisation, rental or translation of the Site and of all or some of the Components.

Any use of all or part of the Components, other than those strictly permitted by the present Conditions, require our express prior agreement.

Use of the marks and images pertaining to VRDL360's products and services by third parties

We authorise all publishers of a website and/or user of a social network (hereinafter the "Licensed Publishers") to use (1) our marks (2) images and media available on the Press page (3) hypertext links to our Site (hereinafter the "Licensed Elements"). Such use is limited to online public information purposes in order to enable the direct or indirect presentation of, communication of, sharing of or commenting on our Products and Services (hereinafter the Information"). The Licensed Elements may only be used with the prior written agreement of VRDL360.

You must comply with the following restrictions in order to use the Licensed Elements:

Hypertexts links

We authorise you to implement reference systems making it possible to move directly from one part of a document to another, or from one document to other documents ("Hypertext Links") to the Site or any other related URLs under all of the following conditions:

The hypertext links deployed by the Licensed Publishers may constitute deep links. We cannot be held responsible for the content to which the Hypertext Links on the Site point. However, you can report inappropriate links so we can remove the Hypertext Link in question within a reasonable period.

Protection of personal data

Protecting personal data is critical to VRDL360. You can find our Confidentiality Policy on our Site.
If you are a natural person, we hereby inform you that browsing on the Site and creating an account enable us to obtain and keep some of your personal data. Personal data means any information pertaining to a natural person who is identified or who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more elements specific to him. To determine whether a person is identifiable, it is advisable to consider all the resources with a view to enabling his or her identification at the disposal of or to which the processing officer or any other person may have access (hereinafter "Personal Data").

The collection of personal data and the use thereof under the present Conditions are subordinate to your consent.

Liability – Guarantees

The present provisions apply:
The present provisions do not apply:

Disclaimer of warranty

The Site, Applications, improvements thereto and updates thereof (hereinafter the "Resources") are provided on an "as is" and "if available" basis. Apart from the statutory guarantees to which no exception is permitted, we will not give any express or implicit guarantee of any kind whatsoever.

Accordingly, we are not required to guarantee you that the Resources are of marketable quality, suitable for a particular use or available, that the Resources are secure or that the rights pertaining thereto are available, that the Resources function correctly, that the Resources are free of errors, anomalies, inaccuracies, faults and bugs, or that such can be corrected, that the Resources are compatible with any type of equipment, including computer hardware, that there will be no interruption of any type or duration, or that the Resources are reliable, accurate or complete.

Consequently, any activity directly or indirectly linked to the use of the Resources is performed at your sole risk and according to your own consideration. The following activities are considered direct or indirect activities:

Limitation of liability

Unless otherwise provided by law, VRDL360 may not be held liable for any damage directly or indirectly connected to the use of the Resources due to direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage, including loss of profit, loss of opportunity, loss of customer, loss of data, loss of reputation and/or any immaterial damage that you might suffer.

Under the same conditions you may not hold personally liable the executives, managers or employees of VRDL360 for any fault committed by them which is serious enough that they can incur liability.

However, any expenses incurred by VRDL360 due to any action by a third party due to your use of the Resources, including lawyer's fees, court costs, sentencing and/or any other costs incurred by VRDL360 or which VRDL360 must lawfully incur in connection therewith, may be invoiced to you in full by VRDL360.


a.Entirety of agreement

The present Conditions form one of the elements comprising the Conditions for Using VRDL360's Services. With respect to their purpose, they take precedence over any other provisions. The present Conditions cancel and supersede any previous commitment by the Parties pertaining to the purpose and constitute the entirety of the agreement between the Parties in view of the purpose of the present Conditions.

b. Invalidity

The invalidity of any given contractual clause shall not entail the invalidity of the Terms of Use unless said clause is an essential and decisive clause that prompted one of the Parties to conclude the contract. Any such contractual clause considered null and void shall be deemed not have been written.

c. Survival

Any provision of the present Conditions which, by its very nature, can be exercised after the termination date shall be extended until full execution thereof and shall apply to the Parties' respective assigns and successors.

d. Non-waiver

Failure by VRDL360 to insist on the strict application of any stipulation set out in the present Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver by VRDL360 to subsequently invoke said stipulation, or to take action in respect of any failing by the other Party to comply with said stipulation.

e. Proof – Electronic communication

Any notification or communication between You and Us shall be effected by any electronic means. Accordingly, you are hereby informed that VRDL360 may send you information by any electronic and paperless means that may be directly or indirectly connected to your account.

f. Applicable law

Unless otherwise provided by law, the present Terms of Use are subject to Chinese law.